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Let Us Handle Your Payroll & File Year End Accounts

Making mistakes in your payroll can cost your business a lot. Due to payroll errors, hundreds of business owners get penalized every year by the IRS. So, isn’t it better to consider payroll services for your business?

Professional payroll services help businesses pay employees rightly, handle tax withholdings and ensure deductions for your retirement and benefits are taken care of. G F Gibbs & Co offers an easy solution for all your small business payroll and payroll tax needs.

Our year-end payroll service is all about evaluating your business books, assuring you have paid people the right amount of money, double-checking if you have given the right amount of taxes to the government and file year end accounts.

Why should you hire professional payroll services for year end accounts?

You must submit annual accounts and the corporation tax return to Companies House and HMRC within the end of their financial year. This is a complicated process demanding professional skill and expert management.

It is unlawful to intentionally submit inaccurate year end accounts as it may affect the amount of corporation tax your business pays. Further, your business may need to pay penalties for filing a fallacious report or missing the deadline for filing its annual accounts.

At G F Gibbs & Co, our fully qualified and experienced accountants work in close harmony with you to get your accounts ready at the right time. In addition to keeping you compliant, early submission of year end accounts may also improve your business’s credit scores.

With hundreds of local clients relying on G F Gibbs & Co, Hertfordshire, for accounting services ranging from bookkeeping and self-assessment tax, through VAT and annual company payroll services to long-term financial and tax planning strategy, we can provide you with comprehensive business accounting support.

We understand the accounting challenges specific to every sector, regardless of if you are an individual trader, a small and medium-sized enterprise, a non-UK business, or a large corporate.

Contact us today to discuss how we can serve you to manage payroll services and help your business growth.